Getting the Company’s Contact Information

Contact information is a vital component to a company’s business page. It is a basic, important element sliderWhomToCallthat allows customers to reach you. It gives them a sense of confidence to trust and patronize your business knowing they have access to people who can help or assist them in case they have concerns or queries.

But truth be told this is not the case anymore, gone are the times when businesses happily welcome phone calls from their customers. Now most prefer to handle orders or issues online in order to avoid having to talk to their customers. When it comes to huge corporations who already have thousands of customers, their customers are made to jumps through numerous pages on their websites in order to get to a phone number, if any.

Some of The Biggest Providers

Take for example two of the biggest cable providers in the US, which are AT&T and Comcast. Their customers are made to click through a series of links on their website only to be prompted to answer questions in order to solve their problem themselves. This is the wonder and peril of “troubleshooting”. But kudos to them because in lieu of the missing phone numbers and emails you get access to a very comprehensive FAQ (frequently asked questions) to help you out. And wait there’s more, do not be surprised to find out that the same is true for huge computer companies such as Apple and Dell.


Huge oil companies are not any different. The same issues are true for Exxon/Mobil. You will not find a contact number anywhere in their webpage. Instead their customers are made to fill out a contact form but they will have to accept Exxon’s terms and conditions, which is an enormous document no one will read. Shell on the other hand thankfully has a decent contact page but the mystery is to find the link buried deep in the page’s footer.

But lo and behold Chevron. Only they has the most easy to find contact information, the only problem is getting someone to respond. Sky website will also ask you to click through a lot of links before you can find the right contact number to call.

Companies Don’t Make it Easy

If we really think and ponder about it, we will probably come to the conclusion that for these big companies, giving customers access to reach them is something they don’t really want. Let’s face it the only companies who lists their contact information on their homepages for everyone to see and are very responsive to queries are those who want to sell you something.

And the reason for these shenanigans? Companies do not want their customers to call them – easily. The reason is most likely because phone calls costs them money. They will have to pay customer service people to respond to the calls, maintain equipment and offices, not to mention the cost of toll free calls. It’s wiser to subject customers through a maze of questions hoping they find the answer to their Virtual-Assistant-On-Phoneconcerns or just gives up trying.

Companies would prefer their customers to contact them in some other way. Nowadays, some are using social media and though it is sometimes a useful method of contact, phone support cannot be really replaced and with good reason. It allows personal information to be shared more safely and it is the fastest way to get help. As compared to sending an email or posting to social media wherein a response can take some time, if at all any, calling a customer service number ensures that your concerns does not go unnoticed.

That is why hidden contact number info site is here for you. Hidden contact info site is your easy access to big company’s customer service numbers. Contact details are readily available for you, anytime anywhere!

YMCA World Camp

YMCA World Camp

Everyone, and we mean everyone, at one point in their life, have had a problem with locating a certain contact information about a business that they needed some services from. It doesn’t matter if they were looking for cable providers, getting plane tickets, buying clothes or registering a car on their name – sometimes the simple action of looking for a contact information was more than just a simple challenge.

fast-contact-number-logo-smallThis is because the companies or the businesses in question use to rely more on the internet – the email and the social medial, and they really try to reduce the amounts of calls that they receive about small simple questions. It is true that this seems to be the future for getting in contact with someone – anyone, business or person, but the call centers that offer support won’t disappear over a night. A person – someone you can actually ask a question – will always be more qualified to get you the right answers than a simple text written on a website.


Making it Easy For You

That’s why we’re here for – at YMCA World Camp, we’ve made it our mission to make sure that you find everything and anything related about the business that you’re looking for. You’ll get more than just a simple information – you will get anything that you need to locate them and contact them through more than just one way. You won’t have to start making thorough researches over the internet to get a phone number or an email address about a certain company. We’ve made sure that our database has everything you need on each company. Apart from the regular contact info that the websites offer you, we’ve made sure to get to you all the possible ways to contact them, because there’s also the possibility to contact a business outside the working hours, especially when you have an emergency, for example.

We don’t care about your reasons, but it’s always better to call to someone at customer service than read an online text – these seem to be limitative in offering information, and people usually are left confused and with the questions not answered. It’s only natural that a written text should be so – a call center agent that knows about customer service will always be able to answer more clearly than any written text.


When There Are Errors and Issues

2b25862People usually call the support team when they need to give feedbacks or make complaints, when there was an error in billing, if they want to subscribe to a service, if they want to cancel a service, if they have a general question that they can’t find an answer on the website, if they have questions about a shipment for a product that they have bought, to pay a bill, to get help with their account or simply to update the information from their account.

It’s only natural to understand why making a phone-call is easier and people prefer it. The personal contact that they set with the representative from the customer service is more pleasant than filing an online form, and they will also get help for the issues that they have. While the email takes a long time to reply, even a few days, it is worth waiting a few minutes on the phone to be able to talk to a real person, and not a robot, on the other end of the line.

This being said, all you have to do is use YMCA World Camp and you’ll get all the info that you need regarding contact, business details, company details and everything else that they can offer you.